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Join Integrative systems, the software development company with 20+ years of solid market standing.

Integrative Systems is a reputable IT software development and back-office optimization firm established in 2001. Our company is headquartered in Chicago with our Centre of Excellence (COE) in Pune, India. Our expertise is in Microsoft DotNet applications (desktop, web and mobile), IBM iSeries, Retail MMS, BPCS, mobile apps (Android and iOS), finance, accounting, and graphic designing services.

Integrative Systems recognizes the value of diversity. This diversity of people allows us to serve our clients in a more effective way. Our motto is to become a workplace that professionals would strive to be a part of. Our company is known for its values and ethics and we remain devoted in maintaining the same.



We have an exceptional work culture that is vibrant, and performance-driven – A workplace that you will aspire to be a member of.
We work with a belief that everyone associated with Integrative should grow professionally and personally. Therefore, we seek out what’s best for our people.
We know the importance of adding the ‘FUN’ in ‘business fundamentals’ at the right time – yet are a well-disciplined, profitable, well-oiled engine of growth. So, when we hire new talent, we lookout for someone who can balance work-life easily.
We do not ride on anything short-term – no short-term market trends, short-term profits, or any short-cuts. Hence, we look for talent who usually believes in stability and commitment more than short-term benefits.
We strive to create a workplace that 100 people would absolutely love, not a place that 1000 people kind of like. To achieve this, we try to create job experiences, not job opportunities.
We proactively work towards creating an environment – wherein every associate is incentivized to think independently; bring to bear diverse and dynamic resources to resolve complex problems collaboratively. And most importantly, understand the meaning and growth in their work.
We hire only the best. For a typical position, we sift through one hundred resumes and interview at least ten people. Make it in, and you’ll be working with some of the best minds in the business. We understand that ‘A’ people attract ‘A’ people.
We understand that when a person joins, he/she brings in various dimensions of their being – physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual aspects to the workplace, not just vocational. And because we address all these dimensions for every associate’s wellbeing, we create an environment that fosters optimism, mindfulness, authenticity, belongingness, meaning, and vitality.

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